The Design

EAST, Beijing takes personal life balance to a whole new, exciting level. When you stay with us, you’ll find that every aspect of the hotel embraces a commitment to contemporary comfort with a sense of efficiency to keep up with today’s fast-paced environment.

Tastefully located in Beijing’s 798 Art District, the design of the hotel is largely influenced by its surroundings. This is particularly apparent in the hotel’s natural tones, complimented by modern industrial materials, providing you with a sense of place and inspiration.

The Architecture

Designed by Benoy, the façade of the building is made of natural materials such as sustainable woods, bamboo and stones. The flowing curvatures of the hotel’s exterior also maximises the opportunity to enjoy the awe-inspiring, panoramic views over the Eastern Beijing cityscape.

The Design of Our Restaurants & Bars

Feast (Food by EAST), designed by Neri&Hu, includes an open kitchen and a food market. The open design lets in an abundance of natural light and exudes a friendly, dynamic and energetic ambience.

Xian bar, inspired by 798 Art District architecture, incorporates a modern industrial building aesthetic, providing a unique dining experience for all our guests.

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