The Craft Container

The Craft Container, an all-new outside craft beer bar by Xian at EAST, Beijing, launched in 2017, combines the best of Beijing’s craft beer scene with Xian’s contemporary style. Made from a re-purposed shipping container, the bar’s design is inspired by Xian’s modern industrial look.

Partnering with three of Beijing’s best craft breweries, Jing-A, Slow Boat and NBeer, The Craft Container has become one of Beijing’s hottest craft beer destinations. This year, we will keep serving up a selection of freshly-poured craft beers, including the signature Flying Fist IPA and Tuhao Golden Pilsner from Jing-A, Helmsman’s Honey Ale from Slow Boat and Hefeweizen from NBeer. We will also introduce new additions like the light malty Captain Pale Ale from Slow Boat and the award-winning GOSE Modern from NBeer. Guests can also delight in other craft beers at The Craft Container, highlights include a new Wheat Beer and IPA.


Mon – Fri: 5:00pm – 2:00am
Sat – Sun: 1:00pm – 2:00am

For Reservations / Enquiries

T +86 10 8414 9810

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